Brian Welch - Amazing Witness for God - Must See

Korn - Brian (Head) Welch - Amazing Testimony & Witness for God. Korn's Founding Guitarist and vocalist Brian Welch Radically Saved. The power of God trumping Satan is realized and evident in this video when watching this video. I was saved before Korn rose to the top. I have always wanted to see a big time rockstar turn there life to God. Now I have. After listening to Brian Welchâ??s love for God and radical transformation, how can anyone deny and not believe in Jesus? Brian mentions in one interview that Godâ??s presence is better than any drug or show performance that he has ever done. This man is now a warrior for the Kingdom! If you never have felt the transforming power of Christ, watch/listen to this video and ask Jesus and receive His Awesome, life altering Holy Spirit!

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