How evolution actually works

I'm not an atheist. And you don't have to be to believe in evolution. First of all evolution is not the theory of the genesis of humankind it is solely trying to understand how adaptations occur naturally in all of Gods creatures. I do believe that the ancestors to humans and apes were at one point similar to eachother (THAT ISN'T TO SAY THAT I BELIVE MY GRANDFATHER WAS A MONKEY, (I have been asked this before)). Believing in evolution does not deviate my faith to God so much as a wind affects a metal pole. I believe that expanding ones knowledge of the world takes part in worshiping our lord as we try to understand this canvas that he has placed us in. It is just the search for a truth which can be studied, tested, and disected to better understand universal constants in God's universe.rnrnIn this movie by KevinPluck, he explains a few fundamental rules that dictate how evolution works. With them he has developed an interactive game. You are the predator and the squares evolve to avoid you eating them.rnrn world is full of misinformation.rnrnInteresting how most of the Young Earth Creationists and people pushing Intelligent Design, clearly don't have a complete working knowledge of the biological sciences. Evolution is the product of Natural Selection AND Mutation. Either alone does nothing.rnrnEvolution is the logical outcome of the world around us. Organisms that store their genetic information in DNA are guaranteed to have mutations. Mutations produce NEW variation. Reproducing organisms are guaranteed to compete for resources. Competition between variable organisms leads to natural selection, i.e. those organisms that possess variation that gives then an advantage will out compete those who don't. Organisms with deleterious variation will lose to all other organisms. In this way the ENVIRONMENT SELECTS the best organisms (THIS DOES NOT IMPLY THAT THE ENVIRONMENT HAS CONSIOUS, SENTIENT THOUGHT OR IS CAPABLE OF FO

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