The Final Sacrifice - trailer

The FINAL SACRIFICE is Christian Faith Fellowship Church's First all Video Production, produced at Miglin Studios is now on DVD. Almost a half hour video of the greatest man who ever lived, Jesus, with scenes at the throne of heaven, whippings and the cross to scenes of his journey and torment in hell for 3 days (a view not seen in most movies of Jesus), to ultimate Victory over death and hell saving man from his sins and giving eternal life to all who believe on Him. Good Christian entertainment to share with family and friends or for those just seeking to know more about who this Jesus is, heres a glimpse at what he went through for you. With special effects and some gripping moments, it's a story told by an office worker reminding us of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us. There are some scary and violent scenes, Parental discretion is advised for children. Special Features include: Scripture Subtitle Text, Trailers, Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Extra Takes and 1.2 hours of the Church's Ministry Videos. Comes with a free Comic ! Purchase your copy today at Thanks for watching !

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