Christology - The Deity of Christ by Rob Cartledge Part 2 of 3

Preached 18/12/11

Author and minister Rob Cartledge presents the first sermon in a series of sermons called 'Critical Doctrine', Titus 2:1 "You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine." Multitudes of professed Christians around the globe are perplexed when it comes to doctrine and clearly articulating their faith. Because of this lack of understanding many Christians are believing the most absurd and heretical beliefs, and due to this we have seen an incredible increase of cultish views even inside of mainstream churches.

This Series, Critical Doctrine, is to confront this dilemma with clear and precise teaching on the basic foundational doctrines of our faith.

This sermon, called 'The Deity of Christ', looks at many Scriptures where both Christ and the disciples claim Jesus' divinity. The Bible speaks clearly in relation to the Godhood of Jesus Christ, and therefore according to Scripture we can confidently declare Jesus Christ to be God


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