Gremlins and Wolves II: Rise of the Mogwai

NOTE: Gremlins in my little mind are a cool race of wolves that look really awesome.
Well, here is the official trailer thingy for the second chapter in the story of the Secret Gremlin and Wolf Society (now the Dire Wolf Clan!) Hopefully Father, you will be convinced to join us awesome Gremlins and Wolves

P.S. I renamed the "green gremlins" the Mogwai because in the video, I couldn't make the "green gremlins" look green, so I got the name Mogwai from the original 1984 movie Gremlins and decided to rename them that for the sake of this video.
(Actually, Mogwai are the gremlins when they're all cute and fuzzy and furry. But the Mogwai in this video are scary)...
*evil laugh of DOOM*


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