This is the culminating event of CCF Eastwood's WeCare Outreach program for the parents and families in Barangay Libis, Q.C. For many months WeCare conducted values formation in the spirit of Deuteronomy 6: 5 - 11 upholding the roles of the parents in the spiritual growth of their children and the successes the verses promised for their homes.

The concept of the gift giving for the affair was to have these parents fill up a "My Family Wish Card" wherein they'll write their a "guided" 3 wishes. The only assurance was they'll at least one of their wishes but we will not prevent the donor to give all in their list or more.

The concept for the meal table was "potbless" or popularly known as potluck. We encouraged the families to pool their resources and share in the pot teaching giving them the dignity to be participant than mere beneficiaries. And they did and did well. Of course WeCare shared in the bounty of the food table.

This event video is to thank God and His people for blessing these many families and our heroes from Eastwood Firemen Agency.

Only God can make something like this beautiful. All praises belongs to Him.

Music: "PEOPLE OF GOD" by Gungor

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