Ten Thousand Miles (Psalm 72:12-14)

This song is the original work of songwriter, Matthew Stemme, www.songsfromhome.com. It is performed and produced by Jason Wyatt, http://www.myspace.com/jasonwyattmusic

My daughter, Mallory, raised funds and joined a team to serve a rural Kenya orphanage. The orphanage claims Psalm 72:12-14, and as I viewed the pictures of the kids on their website, and read that Psalm, I was wrecked. How will God care for these, the forgotten, the alone, the poor...? But through "our" willing hands--my daughter's willing hands. I heard a song in those verses...The song is original and the pictures are from my daughter. The video clip at the very end is a snapshot of a church service--priceless!

In support of Tumaini Miles Of Smiles orphanage and school in rural, Kenya. www.tumainimilesofsmiles.org and www.sportsmissions.com

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