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Pope John-Paul II~To the youth of Chile (1987)

John Paul II's visit to Chile, had a broader purpose, of course, than to tackle human rights issues. But already on the flight to South America, on March 31 he asserted that working for justice and human rights was an essential part of the Church's mission. He rejected the position of political figures like [President Augusto] Pinochet who tell bishops that they should spend all their time praying, and stay out of politics. /Preaching a gospel of unity rather than one that would lock groups into permanent confrontation, the pope insisted repeatedly on reconciliation and nonviolence. He brought this message to an enormous youth meeting held in the Nahonal Stadium, an infamous place of torture, death and detention for thousands of Chileans after the 1973 coup. Without ignoring the "sadness" of the place and carefully urging the youth "not to remain indifferent in the face of injustice," he left them with an important caution: "Do not let yourself be seduced by violence and the thousand r

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