Sara Groves - Precious Again (Exclusive Music Video Premiere!)

Watch the brand new music video for Precious Again from Sara Groves' latest release “Invisible Empires.” Get the album on sale now for just $6.99 her Christmas record, “O Holy Night” for $5.00 for a limited time at here – Stop
by AmazonMP3 on Cyber Monday (11/28) to check out their Song of the Day featured track from Sara! I was at the Minnesota Science museum and up on the wall they have pictures of sand magnified from different parts of the world. Sand just looks like dirt to
us but magnified it literally looked like a jewelry box full of precious gems. This just stayed with me about the things that become mundane. The first line of the song talks about the sunset and all the miraculous things happening around me, yet most of my
life is spent doing these other frenetic things and missing out on the precious things of God. So this song is just a prayer from the bottom of my heart, “Lord make these things precious again.” - Sara Groves

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