4# 14th August Distributing Love gift with our children at Gogumal Center.flv

Dear Friends and Family, Greetings! Here we are distributing our gift with our rural/village areas children. Who have not any way to go to school. They are living in poverty. We are sharing with them love gift at 14th August. 14th August is our National Independence Day. We are sharing with them love gift.
In our one gift have:

1: English note book,
1:Urdu Note Book
1:Mathematics Note Book
1: eraser
1:pencil trash
You can see their smile and rejoicing face that that how they are smiling and jumping with joy after receive their love gift. We distribute Love gift with two hundred children, We wish that this love gift change their life and they can learn and write and some awernase that how they will be a good citizan of Pakistan. We wish that they have school system in their areas, We are caring currently 39 children and hope that we receive more monthly/weekly conitnuely donor who can contribute with us and change their children life. We will appreciate your any contribut

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