News Bulletin 21 October 2011 -- The Christian Institute

In Scotland, a man who wrote sectarian hate comments on Facebook has been jailed, leading to fresh doubts about whether new laws are really needed -- Bishop Joseph Devine is the latest in a string of Roman Catholic leaders to speak out against redefining
marriage -- 'Reform', a group within the Church of England, has called on the church to be more outspoken about the plans to redefine marriage -- Sir Cliff Richard has voiced his support for redefining marriage, and also intimated that he backs euthanasia
-- Lord Eden has spoken out against the content of sex education resources which are being used with Primary School children as young as five -- the Welsh Government has said that smacking will not be banned in the country during the lifetime of the current
Assembly -- Jerry Springer the Opera, an offensive anti-Christian shock show, is set to go on stage in Dublin -- and footballer David Luiz was seen praying for team mate Fernando Torres live on TV.

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