From Persecuted to Conquerer (Malaysia)

In Jan 2010, 9 churches in Malaysia were burnt down within 4 days by radical Muslims due to a controversial court rule to allow using the word "Allah" in printed Christian materials as the general name for "God" in the Malay language. According to the Muslims in Malaysia, the use of the word "Allah" printed in Christian materials would confuse the Muslims and cause them to convert into Christianity. Apostasy in Islam is not allowed under the Islam rule and is considered an act of disgrace for the Muslims.

Prior to this incident, many Christians in Malaysia were afraid to worship outdoor as they feared criticism and persecution from their Islamic government and public. In May 2009, a pastor prophesized that the Christians in Malaysia will one day begin to hold outdoor crusades. Due to the loss of a proper place for some of the Christians to worship, the first outdoor crusade was held in June 2010 and was attended by 12,000 spectators. Over 800 accepted Christ.

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