Zoomalooya, Boomalooya, Hallelujah, Yippee Yahoo (4x)

Zoomalooya and off we go
To the flat-out, nonstop worship show
Some will fly, some will soar
All will enter through the Door
Angels shout, “Get out of bed !”
“Jesus is risen from the dead !”
From the dead, get out of bed
I said, “Jesus is risen from the dead !”


Zoomalooya and Yippee Yahoo
Holy, Holy and Yabadabadoo
All Creation under earth and sky
Lift your voice and let it fly
Sing Hosanna, Worthy is the Lamb
Give it up for the great I Am
Great I Am, Worthy is the Lamb
I said, “Give it up for the Great I Am!”


Everybody sing (la la la la la la)
Everybody shout (Jesus, Jesus)
Everybody clap, Let your praises out.....


written by Fred McNaughton © & ® Big Deal Music 2004

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