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What Year IS IT?

What Year Is It from the biblical creation account and how does that affect Prophecy? God said what would happen before history recorded it, bible and history are in complete agreement and alignment-see for yourself

Is it the year of the lord Pontifix Maximus 2013 according to the ROMAN Gregorian Calendar? Or is it the year 5965 according to God's Word the Bible?

For two thousand years, since the introduction of the Julian Calendar, Rome has ruled the world dating chronicle of history by it's calendar as foretold by the prophet Daniel.

And he shall ... think to change times and laws: Daniel 7:25

I have this confidence: That we will not be using the ROMAN calendar during the Millennial Reign of Christ.
The Year of Creation
Why is it important? It is widely accepted that the Millennial Reign of Christ will be the Sabbath or Seventh Millennium from the Creation. Is the Seventh Millennium imminent? With all of the "end of the world, Left Behind, and Great Tribulation--Rapture" fervor of the last hundred or so years it would be wise to find a contiguous linage of time from the Bible itself that we can synchronize with the Common Era Calendar.

This clear Biblical chronology indicates that we have about 35 years left (2013), so take your rapture seat belt off and start living to the Heavenly Father and His Kingdom for this and the few decades that are left, your family will be eternally grateful to you for it.
The genealogies
The genealogies Total: 2049

Birth of Isaa

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