Save My Soul (Music Video)

2nd music video from the Preacher & the Redhead. Please subscribe and pass along to your friends.

This song and video are based on a true story. By simply being joyful, a friend of ours was able to share the gospel by invitation at work. We hope this is an encouragement for you that God has YOU where He wants you--no matter where that is. You have the opportunity to lift others up every day.

The original inspiration for this video took place in a mechanics garage. Thanks Coy and Steve for your conversation. THIS video was shot on location at Kennedy Enterprises in Alexandria, Indiana. Thanks to the Kennedy Family for your amazing support of what we are being called to do.

Instrumentals for this selection were recorded at Gaither Studios in Alexandria. Our very talented producer for the instrumentation was friend Woody Wright. Recording Engineer was Jeff Aebi. Vocals were recorded by Smart "Eleck" Recordings, production by Bryan Hughes. SPECIAL THANKS to Hands of Love Ministries. It

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