Goin' Nuts With the Insert Tool (ROBLOX!)

Me (SecretAgentWolf) going nuts in an insert game. I'm the guy with the armor on and who STAYS in the force-field.
Comments: The "Don't delete this!" thing I said was to another player who (as seen in the video) deleted my FIRST force-field.
If there's any inspiration, in this, then the forcefield represents Jesus. The slime represents temptations. Jesus protects me from temptations such as steeling, lying, cussing, ect...

Tags: Roblox, Delete, Secret, Agent, Wolf, SecretAgentWolf, Insert, Sparta, Bricks, Lego, Hyperactive, Slime, Force, Field, Forcefield, Particle, Particle-slime

Thanks for watching, and remember: Santa's always watching! ALWAYS!

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