Holy Hip Hop Awards 2007 Part 2

Music, more than any other of the arts, is justified of her own children, and a generation that has slowly learned to enjoy Wagner and Strauss should not rashly condemn the music of the East. No doubt the strains that emanated from the orchestra and chorus of the temple stimulated the religious fervor, and satisfied the aesthetic principles of the Hebrews of old, precisely as the rendering of Bach and Handel excites and soothes the Christian of today".

The above statement is a quote from the www.BlueletterBible.com dictionary explanation of the subject of "music" in the Bible. The writer, James Millar indirectly equates the music of Bach and Handel as being music that both excites and soothes Christians of that day, just as we might today, argue that the gospels or Christian contemporary gospel, Southern gospel, inspirational music, or even classic hymns also excite and sooth a particular type of Christian.

Today we can confidently say that there are all types of music, great Christian music, that is indeed "justified of her own children". Some Believers argue that so called Christian music should be sacred, quiet, soft and solemn Other Believers would say that music should be exciting, exhilarating and compelling. Then there is a group of Believers that may say that Christian music should be radical, revolutionary and "off the chain".

While we debate the merits of sacred Christian music verses other, perhaps more contemporary styles, many a well meaning Christian misses the point of music altogether. To that we say take a look and a listen to Holy Hip Hop which is neither profane, accusatory or prejudice. The lyrics of Holy Hip Hop often times provoke one to see themselves in light of the culture, and their relationship to their Master. Holy Hip Hop is a musical style that the devil could not own because he has never invented anything.

All music comes from God, and as such, it is man that perverts what God has given. Somewhere someone heard a s

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