Reflections Of Angels!

These are my ministering angel or angels, I believe the Lord has allowed me to see them in my tape to shre them with others, who may or may not believe. Nothing happens outside of the will of God! I notice that they most appear through the sun rays, however that one that shows up as a pin point light is always around me regardless of where I am. I believe they show up more in the sun rays because God is light, the sun is life, it has the power to give life or take it away, it is lke a the essence of God, "those that are of the light come to the light" and I believe that is why they are in the rays of the sun! These are not glares from the sun rays, like I thought at first. After slowing the film down to 125 times slower than normal they show up, at regular speed they are flashes and can barely be seen. I have so much more tape to look at. God bless you!

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