The Power of Emotion

Let's talk for a moment about the people in our lives who have had a profound, positive influence upon our us. Hopefully, within that group will be our parents but it it not always necessarily true. These would be the people who have taught you valuable lessons and given you tips on how to deal with life issues.

Now picture someone much like that person who is going to try and give some good advice about the human condition.

Can you imagine them sitting down with a human being they care about, someone that they choose to mentor and saying:

"I have nothing to say about you emotional well being. It is not an important issue".

"The whole emotional part of life is something we need to just let be".

Would you agree that if someone understood the human condition,they would also spend a good amount of time teaching us about our emotions and how they play an important role in our lives?

So using reasonable thought it would be highly likely that The Good Father would address this

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