where to go when depression hits...

The Bible tells us that after Elijah had done great things for God at Mount Carmel, that the evil queen Jezebel threatened to kill Elijah (1 Kings 19:1-2). This caused Elijah to go from one of the most incredible mountain top experiences that anyone has

ever had with God, into a complete downward spiral of fear, hopelessness, and depression. He was so depressed that he ran far away from everyone and hid in a dark and lonely cave. Too depressed to face life, too discouraged to even get up out of bed, the Bible
tells us that the Lord came to Elijah and instructed him to get up and get going. Maybe you can relate to Elijah today? Maybe you can understand the loneliness, fear, and great depression that he must have felt. The type of depression that keeps you in bed
all day, shut out from the world. If you are in this place today, it is my prayer that the following video will give you encouragement to take some simple steps to get back on track with God, and His plan for you.

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