The Devil is the Author of Disease

In early 2008 , I was in full health and then in the summer of 2008 after the suspicious and untimely death of my niece i received photo id in the mail with both numbers of the beast and that fall the symptons of sever spinal stenosis started and it progressed and was diagnosed in 2010 by MRI. This is a random video I shot to show what it is like to live with this disease. I am currently trying to find help for myself. The devil has vowed to kill me and I have vowed to be a Martyr. Now how can there be evidence , other than the coincidence of that number appearing on my ID is about the same as winning the lottery and there are unexplained local miracles in this area of the year 2004 ,2005. I could relatively prove from people I know that I have been a Christian all my life , so that adds to the contrary coincidence of the number of the beast on my ID. We as christians put are total faith in Christ and should easily accept the existence of the devil.

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