Bus Monitor Is Cruelly Bullied by Kids--But Wait! There is a Happy Ending!

**UPDATE! Karen has received over $500,000 in donations from caring souls across the world. She has also began receiving apologies from the kids who taunted her. Her current salary is around $15,000 so this incredible donation will allow her to retire
early and comfortably!!** This is proof the good overcomes evil. It's incredibly hard to believe that 13 year-old children would be capable of such hateful bulling to their kind and patient bus monitor, Karen Klein. While this emotional story is hard to stomach,
God has yet again used a tragic circumstance for so much good! The incredible outpouring Karen has received from all around the world has touched her heart...and ours too! Thank you Karen, for being a shining example of forgiveness and compassion! God bless
you!! http://www.indiegogo.com/loveforkarenhklein?c=home **we apologize that the video temporarily loaded only halfway through--it has since been fixed**

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