Holy Majesty

Holy Majesty

Your love transcends all earthly things
Your grace is a gift I never dreamed from Thee
Your mercy was so freely poured on me

The heavens declare Your name, and the sun, the sky, the seas
How could I deny Your name after seeing such great glory?
They shine for You and clap for You for it’s what You have ordained

You are great, glorious, Holy Majesty
All my days I will praise the one true King of kings
You bled for me and died for me
You gave Your life that I might live
To You all glory I give

With eyes newly opened I see how great and good You are
With ears that can finally hear I hear Your lovely voice
Calling me, whispering words of such great love

At the cross You were beaten, crushed, and bruised
And now I see that I’m here for You to use
For Your glory and to make much of Your name!

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