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The Bible: Matthew Chapter 4

The book of Matthew, Chapter 4, from the Christian Bible.
New International Version (1984). All rights reserved.

The book of Matthew was written by Matthew, a shady Jewish tax collector who Jesus reformed to be one of his original 12 apostles (followers) during his ministry.

Matthew was highly involved with the ancient Roman government as he collected taxes from the Jews, for the Romans. As someone highly engaged in daily political dialogue, Matthew records a perspective of Jesus that focuses on him as the world's supreme, fair judge; someone who would rescue the Jews both literally and spiritually, from their social and financial oppression under Roman occupation. His viewpoints can, with a little effort, be applied to the confusing times we now face in our over-commercialized, highly hypocritical world.

Chapter 4 focuses on Jesus' spiritual readying for ministry by God, through the Devil; the call of the first apostles (Peter, Andrew, James, and John), and the beginning fame of hi

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