Battle Prayer for Healing Attitudes-Pt 3

Donald C. Mann - Successful attitudes for prayer when you need answers.

Don continues in how to use his new book, Battle Prayer for Divine Healing, Field Manual 2.

Don describes how the Jews were waiting for a political and prosperity Savior.

To obey the command in James 5 to pray like Elijah means to keep at it until you get the answer.

Dramatic answer to prayer for widows in Baltimore. How much agreement do you need?

Right theology but no power with God is a blind man's, one-legged stool.

Aiteo-accessing Gods’ covenant with man through the name of Jesus.

Jesus healed by judgment not intercession.

God is your Helper and Your Friend; He is good beyond all imagination. The devil is your enemy and hates you and you are his master in the name of Jesus.

God’s answer is zoe-life.

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