Late For Church Mad Lib featuring Bob Smiley!

Ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Squirting bananas on your hole puncher so you can brush your phalanges? Just a typical day in the life of Comedian Bob Smiley! Thank you to the awesome GodTube users & Bob Smiley who participated in

this hysterical Mad Lib! The 30 Days of GodTube was a great success and we owe it all to the wonderful GodTube community! Let's continue to spread the word of Christ online!

In this video: Bob Smiley (, The Nashville United Methodist Church 4th & 5th grade boys (RJ_wilson), Kelsie (gilbert567), Melissa Canchola (truthbetold), Colter Smiley (colter_smiley), Leo (dgeyer1), Joey (dgeyer1), Becky & Drew
(Musicgirl711), AmyD10, jcfreak89 and agdave00, ginaashley and rkmywld_04. Share this with someone to make them smile! :)

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