Miguel: Up From Puerto Rico by Bert Salzman - Awarded Film

Miguel: Up From Puerto Rico (1970) by Bert Salzman. Miguel, a Puerto Rican boy has moved to New York City with his family. He finds his ability to speak English and Spanish puts him at an advantage in assisting his family in their new surroundings. Miguel later stretches his ingenuity to an extreme when, to put food on his family's table, he goes fishing in the heavily polluted East River. A moving and amusing film with many surprises. Excellent 1970 film, giving a good image to Puerto Rican's who have settled in the states. The acting was very natural. Well directed, written and filmed. Excellent for multi-cultural studies. Miguel is a model for raising self esteem among all ethnic group youngsters! Awards: Winner Columbus Film Festival; Best in Category; Aired on CBS Children's Film Festival; Columbus Film Festival Award; Producer: Bert Salzman; public domain video. Dear Friends, The " Bert Salzman collection of classic 16mm educational films have recently been saved from extinction and are now available for viewing on the Internet Archive. Link: http://www.archive.org/search.php?que...

The films originally made in the early 1970's as human values films for social study classes include the (Academy Award winner Angel And Big Joe and Geronimo Jones (which premiered at the famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City). In his films Bert Salzman tries to instill hope and love into the hearts of young people. His message always was: "Have hope, go deep into your self; You are more than you think you are!". The Internet Academic Archive is now hosting all of the Bert Salzman Collection and links to the entire collection can be found below. If you enjoy these films please forward this letter to your friends especially educators. From the beginning It has always been Bert's dream, his goal- that his films find their way into every school in this very troubled world and perhaps change it for the better-even in a small way. Bert thanks you in advance for your help in ac

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