Heart Eyes Shows Love and Kindeness

Heart Eyes is the first children's e-book in a series of more to come. This first e-book teaches children the value of love and kindness. It teaches children to help others and respect adults. This e-book is heartfelt with colorful pictures.  You can purchase this e-book version at http://uploadnsell.com/buy/W5qRZ7 for $1.99.

You can also download an e-book video with audio of Heart Eyes Shows Love and Kindness for $3.99 at http://store.payloadz.com/go?id=959494. Heart Eyes is a great little e-book my nieces who are 5 years old enjoyed this e-book and the e-book video. I believe your children will enjoy this e-book or e-book video as well. The artwork on this e-book video or examples of the colorful pictures within the e-book and e-book video Heart Eyes Shows Love and Kindness written by C. C. Greathouse

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