2 Part Couples Interview

. . . because life doesn’t have to sweep you away.
Our culture is often like the current of the ocean; if we are not careful, it can pull us to places we never intended to go. In this 2-part interview, you will hear real struggles and real hopes from three couples that got out of the cultural current long enough to ask two important questions:
1. How did we get here?
2. How do we get where we want to go?
Download this video and the 2nd part of the interview at http://marriedpeople.org/media/current-2-part-couples-interview

Make a Night of It:
We have also created a COMPLETE downloadable event called MarriedPeople Big Night Out (http://marriedpeople.org/events/cultural-current) that includes this 2 part video, as well everything else you need to create an incredible one-night event for married people.

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