Ted Shoebat Interview Excerpt

For this stimulating excerpt of TCP_Radio with Ben Umnus, I had Ted Shoebat on the show back during August 30th 2011. He and I were talking about a variety of topics, but I selected this particular passage, because I thought this particular subject was facinating. Ted and I get into some very complicated stuff, very controversial, and quite political of a conversation. I don't expect everyone to agree with all that has been said, but please no political trolling comments like "oh republicans are stupid" or they will get deleted and depending on how severe you will be blocked. I am up for a unique conversation, but you can actually find Ted on YouTube too so... Anyway I thought this was a great interview and I'm actually supposed to have him on my show again tomorrow January 17th at 3 pm Central time 2012 if you really liked this excerpt.

here is the original show link to hear the rest of the broadcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/benumnus/2011/08/30/middle-east-talk-with-ted-shoebat

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