Calkins DC prayer trip Roy vision at Supreme Court 21 Dec 07

While I was standing in front of the Supreme Court I had a vision of a monument right near where I was standing. It was a [email protected][email protected]$ monument of the four JHOP kids, all facing the Supreme Court. But the faces of the statues were not the faces of the real four kids, it was as though no one knew what they looked like.

But in place of their four proper names were four other names. The names were, Sorrowful, Turning, Intervention and Forgiveness.

The first one named “Sorrowful” was a girl in a bent and broken pose. She had her hands across her womb and was crying out for all the dead children. The exact text beneath her name was, “Sorrowful stands for the genocide of…” It then gave an exact number that I don’t remember, I believe that this means the total number can be changed if we act now. “…Babies that were killed in what is now recognized as an act of genocide, done by all nations of the world, and of millions of her sex.”

The next statue was of a young man, and his name was “Turning”. His head was facing towards the court and his arms outstretched towards the court. The text beneath his name was, “Turning, stands for those in both political and private arenas who fought for the overturning of abortion in America, and for the changing of the courts.”

The next one was another young man, and his name was “Intervention”. He had his arms reaching towards heaven and his head bent. The text under his name was, “Intervention, stands for all those millions who sought for Divine Intervention during this time of death and darkness.”

Then the last statue was named “Forgiveness”, “Forgiveness was another young lady and she had here palms facing towards heaven and her head bent, she also was crying. The text for her was, “Forgiveness, stands for all those, both men and women who prayed

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