END TIMES REVELATION: Innermost Intentions

A Letter/Prophecy From The Living God: "Innermost Intentions"

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Thus says The Lord: What is a man, who seeks to retain control over his life? What trust does a man, such as this, have? And what is a man, who seeks to gain control over the life of another?...
This man is a corrupted, weak vessel... A vessel, which seeks to cover over any crack or blemish on its surface... A plant growing in the dry ground, in which fear has lain hold of it by the roots... A man with little trust, who sees with narrowed vision... One who always looks outwardly, for the means by which he may prop himself up... Instead bringing about his fall, while taking many others down with him.
For he reinforces fear and uses intimidation, as leverage against others... Seeking them out for ruin, until their oil has run dry. And all of this in the name of pride, hiding his heart's true condition...

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