Nothing Without You(original)

(Verse 1)You have saved me from the pit, of destruction I was in. You have given this dead man life and now I belong to You(verse 2)Once I thought that I Could make it on my ownWithout You silly me to think that I could survive. Without You by my side.(Pre-chorus) Lord You came in, into my life,Showed me that You are something greaterThan I could ever imagine(Chorus)When You found me lost and lonely pretending I was on the top of the worldYou shined your light onto my darkness revealing who I was without YouI'm nothing without You(Verse 3)That's when I knew Lord that I needed YOUOh I fell so deeply in love with Youdeeply in love with You(Ending)I can't see myself living a life without YouBeing alive without You

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