Cherish Center Providing Hope And Compassion For Young Girls

Cherish House, with compassion as its cornerstone, is more than a temporary shelter. It is a home for those who desire to make the most of their lives.

Each girl has the opportunity for personal growth through curriculum designed to meet her needs, including life skills training in finance, nutrition, homemaking, parent training, as well as personal counseling, adoption assistance (when needed) and spiritual support. The girls live like a family, with responsibilities in household duties and caring for one another.

During her stay at Cherish House, the young mother-to-be will experience life within a structured, nurturing, supportive and loving family setting. Full-time house parents not only encourage her, but model healthy relationships.

By the time young women leave Cherish House, they will have support mechanisms in place to help them live a responsible, fulfilling lifefor themselves, for their children.

We strive to provide parent training and other programs to help strengthen families.

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