Fear Factor

James 4:8D - Recently, I went to a theme park in Orlando, Florida for vacation. At the Park, there is a great ride that simulates being chased by dinosaurs. Although the attraction does not really jostle riders a lot, its excitement is primarily generated from the frightening images of screaming dinosaurs jumping out at riders in the dark. Since I already knew that this ride would be really loud, I prepared myself by putting my hands over my ears. After I did this, I was surprised to see how much of the ride's impact was lost.It's not unusual to encounter people just like those screaming dinosaurs. When some people don't get their way, they'll begin to raise their voice and speak loudly in agitated tones. Instead of calmly communicating another logical argument to win their position, they'll say almost the exact same thing over and over again in higher and higher octaves. They'll attempt to control others simply by the loudness and stress in their voice. At times like these, I'd like to escape by putting my hands over my ears just like that dinosaur ride; however, I don't do it to avoid appearing rude. Here is something that works for me in those situations. When others get out of hand, I calmly paraphrase what they have said back to them. Although I may not agree with what they're saying, at least I'm communicating to them that I understand, and I am taking the time to listen. Remember to maintain a pleasant tone with a warm facial expression while doing this. This will usually cool them down. Here's another tip. Did you realize that we have an amazing ability to read people thoughts without even thinking about it? Simply observing facial expressions does this. When I find myself getting upset, a lot of times it's because I'm reading people's facial expressions such as a smirk or irritated look. I'm not even aware that I'm doing it. It's affecting me just like an angry dinosaur face. When I realize that this is happening, I've found that

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