JESUS CAN BE WHATEVER YOU NEED - Part 1 of 3 - Mary Lou Blue

MARY LOU had a very troubled childhood. At age five, she was raped, and it left emotional scars that lasted for years. Unloved and needing to feel secure and wanted, she entered into an abusive marriage, only to have MORE hurt piled upon layers of hurt.

Mary Lou turned to Jesus Christ in one of the darkest hours of her life, and out of that darkness came love and acceptance from the One who created her and gave her life.

As Mary Lou grew in understanding of God and just how much He loves each of us, and truly wants the best for each of us, she came to realize that hurt people tend to hurt other people, and healed people tend to help other people heal.

If you are hurting – if you have been hurting most of your life – we encourage you to listen to Mary Lous precious testimony. It is jam-packed full of wisdom, hope and insight!

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