9 of 12 - The Secret to a Joyful Life - Billy Crone

Deep down inside we all know we can't buy happiness, but that doesn't keep us from trying does it? For some reason, many people, even Christians, don't seem to realize that the Bible promises something much better than happiness. It's called joy. And even though this joy is free for the asking and available to any and all who would call upon the Lord, in today's world, it still seems to elude us. Therefore, The Secret To A Joyful Life takes a look at the various problems and solutions involved in experiencing the abundant joy of the Lord. You'll see that maybe you're not experiencing A Joyful Life because you're seeking happiness in things instead of joy from the King, or happiness in behavior instead of joy from the Savior, or even happiness in personal exaltation instead of joy from the Lord of all creation. And most importantly, you'll discover the solution to experiencing A Joyful Life as you determine to seek joy in God by your actions and appreciation. So how are you doing? Is your joy filled to the top? Or are you still scraping the bottom looking for happiness? If that's you then please, learn The Secret to a Joyful Life today and start rejoicing again!

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