TRIALS - TRIALS - TRIALS! Nelson Morren Testimony: 2 of 4

TRIALS - TRIALS - TRIALS!  Nelson Morren Testimony: 2 of 4

Nelson Moren suffered a major heart attack. He lay on the operating table, while the doctors did all they could to save his life. Yet he died, for a short time, before he came back to life. He shares about that glorious experience in his testimony. But going back to his childhood, Nelson was a boy looking for an identify. He was very introverted, having little confidence in his abilities. He had so little confidence in speaking publicly. Sports was where he felt accepted; where he could fit in with his classmates. Yet the doctor found a leaky heart valve, and told him that if he kept playing sports, he would be dead by age 21. That ended his sports activities, and then rebellion set in. He began smoking, not caring what effects it might have on his heart, because he figured if he was going to die at a young age, what difference did it make? Yet Nelson had been raised by strong Christian parents. He knew truths from the Bible. He knew what God desired of him, and that was always in the back of his mind. The time came when he felt God was calling him to fulltime ministry under the umbrella of the Reformed denomination he had been raised in, yet the fear of speaking publicly kept him from moving forward to be a Pastor, along with complications with his work.