Pastor Sam Bombara, who was on staff of Western Michigan Teen Challenge at the time this was filmed, shares not only a little about the ministry of Teen Challenge, but ministers briefly about a VERY IMPORTANT truth regarding what God did for humanity by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Are you aware that our own righteousness CANNOT and WILL NOT save us on the Judgment Day? Nothing you and I could possibly do could make us acceptable enough for God to allow us to be with Him through eternity ASIDE from our receiving the righteous of God.

Saying it another way; the ONLY way God will find anyone acceptable to remain with Him for eternity is to have THE RIGHTEOUS OF GOD. Do you know HOW to obtain the righteous of God?

It is FREELY given from God to anyone who is willing to receive it. God gives it to anyone FREE OF CHARGE who desires to be truly born again. To understand more about this topic, go to GOOGLE. Type in: TESTIMONY DIRECTORY. Scroll down to BOMBARA, SAM and click to the document on the far right that says: What This Video Is About.

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