The CHRIS WICKEY Testimony: Part 1 of 2

The CHRIS WICKEY Testimony:  Part 1 of 2

At a young age, Chris thought he would be happy if he could only be tough. So he worked hard at building up his body to be tough, and when the day came when he had accomplished his goal of becoming tough, he came to a shocking conclusion. Being tough did not make him happy afterall.

After that he tried other things to try to find happiness. He bought a 750 Honda motorcycle and would drive it 120 mph, but that only brought happiness for a short while. Then he bought a .30-.30 carbine rifle and shot trees. That did not bring happiness for very long. He bought a 1964 Pontiac GTO with a 389 cubic inch engine that allowed him to burn out a set of brand new tires in just one day doing endless cookies at 120 mph, yet even all that power did not bring him happiness for very long. Thus everything he thought might bring some lasting happiness fizzled, and depression set in.

In his depression, he began thinking about suicide, but he had heard in church as a child that if a person takes their life, they will go to hell, so he did not want to risk THAT!

It was when he fully surrendered to God that happiness finally came, and how that happened, you will want to hear for yourself!