GHETTO CHILD: The WANDA ROGERS Testimony: Part 1 of 4

Wanda Rogers has an amazing testimony of overcoming obstacle after obstacle that so many ghetto children have staring them directly in the face, but until she sought God for help to overcome her obstacles, she realizes that she most likely would not even be alive today. There is nothing on this planet that Jesus Christ cannot and will not help a person overcome, if they will sincerely admit their need for help. God has limitless power and limitless means to help people out of their bondages. But most people refuse to see it that way. Most people would rather stay angry at God their whole life for blaming Him and allowing them to be in the miserable life they are living. Some people are so addicted to anger and hate that they do not even realize that anger and hate is just as lethal a destroyer and killer as drug and alcohol addiction is. The Holy Bible tells us the prison and the bondage anger will place us in, if we do not trust God to show us HOW to get free and stay free from anger. Most people will never get free from the mental hell they know until they allow the Holy Spirit to empower them to break free from the prison of anger. Most people truly hate their addictions, at least after awhile. Hating our addictions is a GOOD kind of hate. If we do not hate our addictions, we will not push beyond our comfort zones to tap into the help God will give us. But when one is addicted to anger and hate and does not even REALIZE they are addicted to it, they are not going to trust Jesus Christ to help them get delivered of it. If you can relate to any of this, please do yourself a favor and watch Wandas testimony. Keep an open mind. It may be what God will use to give you the insight, hope and courage to have a glorious testimony one day of your OWN to share, just like Wanda now has. Wanda and her husband, Ervin, now are being used of the Lord to help others who are trying to overcome obstacles as well. Among other things, they are doing what they can do to hel

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