Pt3 The Excellency of Apostolic Stewardship

In part 3 of this 5 part series, Apostle JoAnne Cremer details what the Excellency of Apostolic Stewardship is and is not, and who are some of the present ministers who portray Christ in the light of the image of the world by the Spirit of Antichrist. In this part, she addresses the misconception of the function of apostles, what they are called to do and not do, and details how the humanitarian charity we see portrayed as a mark of true ministry and true faith is not equal to the charity of the New Covenant, which is the greatest of faith, hope and charity, and brings the power of salvation to the soul. Apostle JoAnne also encourages the saints to the true abundance of Christ, which is marked by the soul being productive in fruitbearing through daily cycles of spiritual growth in the fruits of Christ, though the clear cut boundaries of the New Covenant doctrine of Christ, the priesthood of Christ and the tools of Christ. Apostle JoAnne teaches how this is in direct connection to the one�s faith working daily with the power of grace, and how this is only possible by first being schooled by true, covenant apostles in the Record and Witness of Christ. Another message full of hope, compassion, boldness, clarity and distinction as Apostle JoAnne calls the Church to make the Great Transition back to her first love and the first works of the New Covenant. For a full and free education to the New Covenant, we invite you to enroll at the Apostles� Center International School of Ministry. Our education will equip you to be a successfully functioning royal priest to God, how to daily offer the spiritual sacrifices of faith that please God perfectly, how to grow and mature in the reality of Jesus Christ, have rich and intimate fellowship with the Father, overcome sin, be holy as God is holy, and to train you to one of the 5 callings to true spiritual government.

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