Pt5 The Excellency of Apostolic Stewardship

In part 5 of 5 on The Excellency of Apostolic Stewardship, Apostle JoAnne Cremer closes the series by examining the faith model seen in Jessie Duplantis� recent book �The Everyday Visionary� and shows how this gospel and those who minister that the imagination is a tool for faith clearly teach the Church how to sin against God and worship themselves, their lusts and Satan instead of Jesus Christ. As Apostle JoAnne contrasts this against the true gospel of the New Covenant, she unfolds the Mystery of Christ and shows how the true apostles are helpers of your joy by teaching the Church what are the real things carrying Christ�s power and virtues we are to work with and exercise our spiritual senses with: the tools of the New Covenant priesthood, the 12 elements of the original Foundation of Truth, the 5 callings of spiritual government, the 9 gifts of the Spirit, the manifold graces, the Holy Spirit, etc. that empower the soul in sanctification, justification, righteousness, peace, rest, regeneration and renewing of the mind. Truly a powerful final closing to what promises to be a life changing message of hope in Christ to all those who have an ear to hear, a heart to receive and a desire to humble themselves before the Mighty Hand of God through His grace that He promises to outpour upon the Church for healing, restoration and unity in this hour of His visitation. For a full and free education to the New Covenant, we invite you to enroll at the Apostles� Center International School of Ministry. Our education will equip you to be a successfully functioning royal priest to God, how to daily offer the spiritual sacrifices of faith that please God perfectly, how to grow and mature in the reality of Jes

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