Men's Encounter

What is an Encounter?<br />
Encounter is a special weekend retreat which is a time set aside to have a personal life changing experience with God. We believe God is coming back for a sanctified bride (Revelation 21:2, 9). And this retreat allows time for Him to work in our lives, without the outside distractions of our daily routines, in an environment which has been bathed in fasting and prayer.<br />
During these weekends individuals will encounter three things; first, they will encounter themselves; second, they will encounter the cross; and third, they will encounter the power of the Holy Spirit! <br />
One only needs to be honest with his or herself to understand the importance of time alone with the Father under similar conditions. Even Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit for some &acirc;��alone time&acirc;�� before, His ministry started.<br />
G. Dennis McGuire, General Overseer, Church of God, stated in the Church Of God Evangel May 2008 issue. &acirc;��Notice Jesus was led by the Spirit to be by Himself. Perhaps one of our difficulties is that we seldom slow down enough to be alone &acirc;�� to think, pray, ponder, meditate, and decide. We are rushaholics, workaholics, and goaholics. We all need to spend some time on our knees before we run on our feet. If the devil doesn&acirc;��t make us too bad, he can make us too busy &acirc;�� too busy to really settle the important questions: For whom will I live, with what motives, purposes, and methods, and toward what end?&acirc;��<br />
This statement describes what an Encounter Retreat is designed for. To allow us some much needed alone time with the L

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