Daddy's Angel

Daddy's Angel

Words and Music by: Anthony W. Carter- T Carter Music


I'm giving you away

But I'm not letting go

The memories, they flood my mind

Of the little girl I know

Once upon a time

You held my hand so tight

You'd close your eyes and say a prayer

Then I'd kiss your head goodnight

As we dance I keep our love deep within my heart

And thank God for giving me this angel in my arms…

You're my little angel

So baby don't you cry

It's time to spread your wings and fly

If there's one thing this father knows

The hardest part is letting go

But you will still always be…

Daddy's little angel

It seems like yesterday

Has come and gone so fast

Now my baby's all grown up

But the memories will last

It's hard to say goodbye

When you've always been so near

But for now I'll hold you tight

Like those times that I hold dear

When you were young, I used to laugh

At the funny things you'd say

Right now I just can't help but smile…

On this blessed day

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