Saint Thomas More Church

Saint Thomas More Church

This is St. Thomas More Church located in Chicago. The pictures, as this video, do not do it justice. It is not only the aesthetics of the Church that make this church so beautiful, it is the peace that you feel when you enter into this Church. I feel, as do many people, that many graces are poured over this church and on the Priests that are in this Church. I pray for these Priests as often as I can. They give a beautiful traditional Latin Mass every Sunday at noon and sometimes during the week at certain times of the Liturgical year.

The music or chants that are used are from the Monastic Choir of the Abbey of Notre Dame.

1. Introit - Gaudeámus

2. Introit - Vir Dei

3. Hymn - Quidquid Antique Cecinére

4. Communion verse - Fedélis Servus