REVOLVE: Rockin' the Road FINALE!

Don't miss the finale of Revolve: Rockin' the Road

Friday, November 21 at 11 PM ET/8 PT and Saturday, November 22 at 11 PM ET/8 PT

It's the last day of the summer bus tour and the cast is preparing to drive to Columbus, Ohio for the first Revolve conference. But before they can get on the road, Courtney reveals to Jenna that, because of Sean, she is lacking the confidence to take the stage as the tour's emcee.

After a long bus ride, the cast arrives in Columbus where they continue their preparation for the conference. They are joined by Hawk Nelson, Group 1 Crew, Natalie Grant and Krystal Meyers. Excitement is in the air as teen girls line up outside the door for this long awaited moment. In the midst of the hype, Courtney continues to doubt herself and tension builds as thousands of teen girls take their place in the audience.

Just moments before she is set to take the stage, Courtney sits down with Natalie Grant who encourages her to have the confidence to perform on stage. As the lights go down and the curtains open, will Courtney have enough strength to step into the spotlight?

As the season comes to an end, the cast reminisces on all they have accomplished throughout the summer. It has been a rough road and they have survived all the hard challenges...will they survive their last?

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