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MIKE BENSON: Part 6 of 6: Team Captain of International Strength Team THE CONQUERORS: The Conclusion Of His Amazing Test

Mike Benson, President and Team Captain of THE CONQUERORS International Strength Team, finishes out his six part testimony by offering viewers the invitation to tap into the love and acceptance God has for each of us through the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You can talk about the love and acceptance of God all the way to your grave, and it would not accomplish one thing in light of eternity for either you or anyone else, if you try to bypass understanding what God accomplished for humanity for dying on the Cross for us.

You were aware that God shed His innocent blood on the Cross for you because of His incredible love for you, RIGHT?

YES, that is no miss-type. The Bible speaks clearly enough to tell us that it was not just a mere man who did some amazing miracles for three and one-half years of his life. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ was one of the three Persons of the eternal Godhead before He came to earth and lived here for 33 years as a human, to be tempted to sin like everyone else has or ever will be tempted to sin, and as a mere man, never SINNED ONCE. Because He never sinned once, that made Him acceptable to be the one and only perfect sacrifice for the sins of every person, which includes YOU.

And upon his resurrection from the tomb, Jesus Christ went back to glory to take His rightful place in the eternal Godhead. When He went back to glory in the highest heavens, the other Person of the Godhead was sent to earth in His fullness to empower those who put their trust and faith in Jesus Christ to become all that God the Father intends for them to become and accomplish in their life.

If you have never heard this: God HIMSELF took your punishment for your sins so you would not have to be punished for them for eternity. That requires you to make a decision that with effect your eternity. Either you make it your number one aim in life to find out about this incredible

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