JIM BARBAROSSA From STEP-BE-STEP Ministries: How God Views Tithes, Offerings, and Finances In General. Part 2 of 3

Jim Barbarossa, commonly known to many as THE SHOFAR MAN, shares what he believes is Gods heart on the matter of finances for Christians. Tithing is perhaps the MOST CONTROVERSIAL topic in Christianity, and if you NEVER want to offend Christians, either tell them what they want to HEAR, or just do not minister on the subject PERIOD!

But Jim Barbarossa has never been known to want to please ANYONE above pleasing GOD. Having said that, you might symbolically spew fire and venom as you listen to Jim minister on finances, but if in fact Jim IS hearing from God on matters he addresses in this message, and you respond as the Holy Spirit would have you respond, do you not have every right to believe that it will ultimately bring PEACE in your relationship with God? If we did not believe what brother Jim shares on this message will ultimately bring PEACE to the viewers who respond positvely to it, we would not be giving exposure to this message.

To learn more about Evangelist Jim Barbarossa, you can go to: WWW.THESHOFARMAN.COM and WWW.STEP-BY-STEP.ORG

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