MIKE BENSON: Part 4 of 6: How God Became The Father He Never Had, But Always Wanted!

MIKE BENSON: Part 4 of 6: How God Became The Father He Never Had, But Always Wanted!

Mike Benson, President and Team Captain of THE CONQUERORS International Strength Team, continues to share in this six part series how he finally came to the conclusion that if he died, his soul would reside in hell for eternity, away from the loving presence of God for eternity.

Mike also came to the wise conclusion that we can make all the excuses we can come up with the resist the help of God to fix our messes, or we can let Him heal us of our emotional wounds from the past so that we can become in this life what God intends for each of us to become, and God has all the power to bring it about!

Mike shares that as he began to finally work in loving harmony with the Creator, miracles began to happen! Could YOU use a miracle from God right about now? God might just use Mike to plant a miracle seed, as you listen to all six parts of this amazing testimony of Gods transformation power of a 280 pound muscle man who now travels all around the world giving hope to others that they do not have to live with broken hearts, nor do they have to settle for less than ALL God intended for them to become in this life.

Mike shares with multitudes around the world that through the help of God, nothing is impossible if we each will work in cooperation with God, instead of against Him. The secret is to know HOW to properly work in cooperation with God.

Mikes email address is: mike@theconquerors.net You can check out the ministry website of the Jesus Strength Team by going to: